CTaLE HEA Fellowship Announcement

Great achievements within the CTaLE community! This year, our very own Dr. Parama Chaudhury has been recognised as Principal Fellow alongside Dr. Cloda Jenkins who has been recognised as Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Other members of CTaLE who have also been recognised are Dr. Silvia Dal Bianco, a Senior Fellow, and Dr. Dunli Li, a Fellow.

UCL staff can be awarded Fellowships through the UCL Arena Open, accredited by HEA. It recognises Fellows who have made an impact on teaching and learning whether it be through online platforms and skills support to classroom activities. The levels of Fellowship are Associate, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow. The criteria for all the levels touch upon supporting the HEA’s Three Dimensions: Areas of Activity (concentrating on the development and activities for students), Core Knowledge (breadth of understanding of the subject area and subsequent teaching approaches) and Professional Values (the bigger picture in enhancing learning).

Gaining Fellowship essentially confirms a Fellow’s ability and passion for supporting student learning. As Fellows apply for promotion, the focus becomes more on innovation and leadership abilities within teaching provision. The rigour of the application provides many different benefits correlating to the different levels of Fellowships. Fellows can reflect on their teaching styles and methods through workshops and conferences hosted by the HEA along with feedback through the application/promotion process. The acknowledgement of their hard work along with the necessary reflection on their career achievements have been mentioned as the most valuable aspect by many Fellows of HEA.

Follow this link to see the full list of UCL staff recognised in this round.

If you are interested in applying, take a look at the video below (feat. Parama)!

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