Review: 22nd October Economics Education seminar

Last week, members of CTaLE attended a combined UCL Economics and Engineering Department seminar featuring Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury, the Executive Director of the University of South Alabama’s Innovation in Learning Center, who presented on “Multiple Representations for STEM disciplines – application from the learning sciences.” Through engaging learning materials such as a children’s storybook, sports analogies and interactive simulations, Dr. Chaudhury expressed the different ways people learn and perceive concepts. This feeds into the importance of active learning techniques that educators need to harness in order to help develop students’ understanding outside of written assessments and exams.

CTaLE members’ highlights of the seminar:

Dr Cloda Jenkins:

“I do a lot of peer-to-peer discussion in lectures and tutorials. I found it useful to see how the timing for a session was mapped out in advance. A useful reminder that the script needs to have a plan for staging to make sure you can deliver what is intended.”

Madeleine Adamson:

“Having been a student until recently, it was very interesting to hear about ‘the other side’ and the different processes and techniques taken into consideration to develop lessons/classes.”

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