Dissemination is an integral part of what we do at CTaLE. To this end, we invite speakers from both outside and inside UCL to speak at our regular Economics Education seminar series. We also present our work at conferences and seminars, like the American Economic Association’s annual Conference on Teaching and Research in Economics Education and the Economics Network’s biennial Developments in Economics Education conference. We also showcase our undergraduate students’ research in the annual ExploreEcon undergraduate research conference held at UCL.

Economics Education seminar series (2018-19)

22nd October, 2018: “Multiple Representations for STEM disciplines- applications from the learning sciences” – Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury (University of South Alabama)

21st November, 2018: “Assessing Economics using Portfolios: Building Skills while Building the Assessment” – Neha Batura, Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli and Jolene Skordis-Worrall (UCL Institute of Global Health)

If you would like to present in/attend one of our seminars please do get in touch through our email below.

Economics Challenge

11th February, 2019 and 4th March, 2019

ExploreEcon 2019

13th March, 2019

If you are a UCL student and would like to submit a proposal, please go to the Skills Lab and ExploreEcon Moodle page. If you would like to attend the event please get in touch through our email below.

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