Cloda Jenkins

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Prof Cloda Jenkins
Professor (Teaching) in Economics
CTaLE Associate Director

twitter: @UCLEconCareersT

Cloda Jenkins is Professor (Teaching) and Careers Tutor in the Department of Economics at UCL. Her areas of interest are regulation and competition economics, with a particular focus on energy markets. Prior to joining UCL she worked for over fifteen years as an economic consultant and at the UK energy regulator. She continues to provide expert advice and training to regulators. Cloda brings her mix of academic and professional experience to the classroom. She is particularly interested in ensuring that students have the opportunity to develop employability skills such as team-working, writing and presenting in the context of the subject they are studying. She also gives time in the curriculum for students to practice applying economic tools to policy challenges. She likes to use a mix of teaching and learning strategies including case study projects, student debates, think-pair-share discussions in lectures and report writing. As Department Careers Tutor Cloda takes the time to discuss opportunities and challenges with students and works closely with other parts of the institution, including UCL Careers and the Connected Curriculum Personal Tutoring Working Group, to ensure students have appropriate support at the start of their career journey.