UCL Provost Education Award Winner: Dr. Michela Tincani

After the UCL Education Awards, we caught up with Dr Michela Tincani to talk about the innovative Statistical Methods in Economics course that was behind her UCL Provost Education Award win. BackgroundMichela completed her PhD in 2012 at the University of Pennsylvania and finished her post-doc at UCL before staying on as an Economics lecturer. … More UCL Provost Education Award Winner: Dr. Michela Tincani

London Marathon 2019

I spent my Sunday at the London Marathon. Not running it (oh dear) but supporting my housemate who was attempting this amazing feat (and conquered it under 4 hours). People cheered and high-fived every passing runner, hoisted encouraging banners and offered water/energy gels/candy/honestly any kind of support running 26.2 miles requires. The atmosphere was uplifting … More London Marathon 2019

Q&A with Frank Witte

1. What is your role and what does it involve? I am doing a bit of everything in many ways. As Departmental Tutor I am responsible for the pastoral care and personal tutoring system. One aspect of that is to figure out how with limited resources we can provide a personal tutoring system that encourages … More Q&A with Frank Witte

Nobel Laureate Seminar: Edward Prescott

On 19 March, the UCL Economist’s Society hosted Professor Edward Prescott (Arizona State University and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis), the 2004 recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize. I sat down with Dr. Ramin Nassehi to discuss Professor Prescott’s seminar on “RBC Methodology: And Its Successful Use”. Dr. Nassehi explained that Professor Prescott revolutionised macroeconomics. … More Nobel Laureate Seminar: Edward Prescott

ExploreEcon 2019

Based on our flurry of mass tweeting a few weeks ago, you might have guessed that ExploreEcon 2019 had happened. On 13 March 2019, we organised the fifth annual undergraduate research conference, known as ExploreEcon, which showcases independent work from all years of our undergraduate Economics programme. We had many excellent poster displays and presentations. … More ExploreEcon 2019

Q&A with Silvia Dal Bianco

1. What is your role and what does it involve?I am a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Economics at UCL. I am constantly searching for ways to improve the learning experience of our students through, for example, class interaction, engaging assessed projects and research collaborations. I am also one of the department’s personal tutors. … More Q&A with Silvia Dal Bianco

Q&A with Ramin Nassehi

1. What is your role and what does it involve?In the UCL Department of Economics, I am a Teaching Fellow and personal tutor. I teach The World Economy (ECON0007) and Economic History (ECON0121). My philosophy is, from the very beginning, to give students the confidence to use the things we teach them (theories, models, etc.) … More Q&A with Ramin Nassehi