Design and Delivery of University Courses

We are happy to work with lecturers, or whole Departments, to review their approach to teaching and learning economics, taking account of the context of lessons learned from teaching online or in a blended way during the Covid-19 pandemic. We can provide advice on a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, module design, degree curriculum reform, assessment design, strategies for interactive classrooms, embedding skill development into economic curriculum, creating engaging interactive videos and podcasts, design of adaptable economics programmes and making the best use of technology in education. We also have experience with supporting students as partners in research, designing and delivering undergraduate research conferences (blended) and running induction events for students. Our advice is based on best practice pedagogy and our research on education initiatives, with adaptation to the specific context of programmes and institutions.

This advice can be delivered in several different ways, depending on your needs:

  • External examiner role
  • Advisor to curriculum review or quality assurance committees
  • Holistic review of existing modules/programmes
  • Holistic review of proposals for new modules/programmes
  • Advice on specific elements of teaching and learning, for example delivery of small group teaching, designing interactive large group sessions or assessment design
  • Supporting student engagement activities, for example design of First Year Challenge projects, advice on delivering an Undergraduate Conference (Explore Econ), and ideas on developing Student Partnership
  • Facilitating Education Away Days
  • Supporting staff with applications for HEA Fellowship

Our advice is primarily provided to those teaching economics in higher education institutions but much of what we do is also relevant for other disciplines.

Our expertise is recognised in the discipline, with CTaLE members sitting on the RES and EEA Education Committees and actively involved with the Economics Network. Several members of the team are also advisors to the CORE project and have provided advice to many institutions on teaching with CORE, alongside advice on designing and running a related First Year Challenge activity.

The team includes experienced External Examiners in the UK and have evaluated economics and finance programmes for overseas universities in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Uzbekistan.

We also sit on a wide range of UCL Committees, sharing our expertise with colleagues across disciplines. This includes contributing to groups working on topics including online learning, narrowing the BAME Awarding Gap, employability, Student Partnerships, lecture capture, personal tutoring reform, digital assessment, and EDI for staff and students.

The team members include a Principal Fellow and three Senior Fellows of the HEA, all of whom sit on the Assessor Panels at UCL that award HEA fellowships.

If your organisation is looking for someone to offer support, to individual lecturers or a wider group, on the design and delivery of university economics courses, do not hesitate to get in touch. No matter how big or small your requirements, we would welcome the opportunity to find out more and explore how we can help.