Diversity and Inclusion in Education

CTaLE Working Papers and projects related to Diversity and Inclusion in Education. If interested, please get in touch with the respective academics of each project.

BAME Attainment Gap

Prof. Parama Chaudhury

As a BAME awarding gap faculty lead for UCL Social and Historical Science, Parama co-authored this article, “The Early Impact of Initiative to Close Attainment Gaps at UCL.”

For further details please see the BAME Attainment Gap project page.

Channelling the BAME Student Voice to Unveil the Hidden Curriculum and Build an Inclusive Learning Community

Dr. Silvia Dal Bianco, Prof Cloda Jenkins and Prof Marcos Vera Hernandez

Our BSc Economics degrees have a persistent BAME awarding gap, with the differences significant in compulsory modules. We want to reduce this gap in line with UCL’s targets. Recent evidence collected thanks to focus groups has shown that BAME students find difficult to understand what is needed to do well and that their voice is not heard. Hence, it is the ‘hidden curriculum’ that may explain the gap in part. There are two main project interventions. First, to create a Student Inclusivity Champions Panel, providing a vehicle for the BAME student voice to help us ensure academic and careers support reaches students not reached before. The second intervention is to introduce a Second Year Challenge (SYC) group video project, building on our established and successful First Year Challenge. The project would be linked to the general theme of ‘Inclusive Economics’. The desired outcome of these two interventions is that the awarding gap is narrowed because UK BAME students understand better what is needed to do well, have a stronger voice to be able to let us know when challenges arise and have a stronger sense of belonging to the community. The Student Inclusivity Champions Panel and the Second Year Challenge will be established long-term in the Department.

Initial duration of the project: three years

Effect of Higher University Fees

Prof. Parama Chaudhury

How is student performance (and effort) affected when university fees rise? Our results are presented in this Fees Poster.

For further details please see the Effect of Higher University Fees page.