Modelling the Economics of Learning

CTaLE Working Papers and projects related to Modelling the Economics of Learning. If interested, please get in touch with the respective academics of each project.

Students, teachers, communities of students and ever society as a whole all make trade-off’s when they learn and the aim of this project is to study dynamical models of these processes to gain a better theoretical understanding of what the impacts are of changes in the assessment-structures in education, changes in the network structure of learning communities, on the choices made by learners, learning communities and their learning outcomes. Such theoretical insights can be useful in thinking about assessment, curriculum-design and societal outreach while also provide inspiration for further empirical study.

Modelling Optimising Learners

Dr. Frank Witte

In this project I study how learners with certain preferences regarding the activity of  learning, as well as regarding the content of learning, that are assumed to optimise their learning experience, respond to changes in assessment-structure and learning environment.

The Econophysics of Learning: A ‘model’ student.

Modelling Learning Communities

Dr. Frank Witte

In this project I study how the structure of networks of learners interacts with the learning outcomes of these learners and how information and knowledge propagate through such networks. The networks of learners I am interested in can be classes, cohorts or society as a whole.

Populist Radicalisation & Outside Disruptors