Explore Econ


Explore Econ is our Undergraduate Research Conference at UCL Economics. It is now in its fifth year going from strength to strength.

The first conference in 2015 was made possible by a grant from our faculty. Since then the department and outside sponsors have supported this unique educational project. Explore Econ invites research submissions from all undergraduate students studying Economics, irrespective of year of study or degree programme. Most students work on their project outside the curriculum driven by their own interests and curiosity and applying what they have learned in their studies.

A small group of first year students under the tutelage of EconFilms made a movie about ExploreEcon 2016:

In addition, a second year student wrote a report on the conference in the Royal Economic Society’s July 2016 newsletter.


Overall, the response to this initiative has been overwhelming. The conference is now a cornerstone of the students’ academic calendar at UCL Economics and we plan to further strengthen the event. At the moment, around 25 students each year present their work in research posters and presentations. The work also gets published as conference proceedings. In addition we showcase the winning contributions from our First Year Challenge.

Explore Econ 2021 website is live!

Previous ExploreEcon conferences: