ExploreEcon 2019

Explore Econ students and academics group photo

Based on our flurry of mass tweeting a few weeks ago, you might have guessed that ExploreEcon 2019 had happened. On 13 March 2019, we organised the fifth annual undergraduate research conference, known as ExploreEcon, which showcases independent work from all years of our undergraduate Economics programme.

We had many excellent poster displays and presentations. To access the full list, please take a look here!

First Year Challenge winner group photo
First Year Challenge winners

There was also a showcase of the winning groups of our First Year Challenge 2018-19. To wrap up the day’s programme, we had a #whateconomistsreallydo Ignite Session that involved paired presentations by academics and students on topics such as health epidemics, stock price and traders, maternity leave and domestic violence.

This year, our judging panel was made up of Mark McDonald (HSBC Global Research), Victoria Monro (Bank of England), Alexis Raichoudhury (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and Roxana Slavcheva (Economist Intelligence Unit).

After a full day, the winners were announced:

Samuel Asher and award
Samuel Asher

Best Paper: Samuel Asher – Social identity and collective action in rebel armies

Fangning Hu and Yao Tong explaining their posters
Fangning Hu and Yao Tong

Best Poster: Fangning Hu and Yao Tong – The effects of US-China Trade War on Income

Yashir Piracha and award
Yashir Piracha

Ignite Session: Yashir Piracha – Stock price fluctuations and uninformed traders

It was an amazing day and we’re already looking forward to ExploreEcon 2020!

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