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Within this series, Prof Parama Chaudhury (UCL) and Prof Cloda Jenkins (UCL) have partnered with Dr Stefania Paredes Fuentes (University of Warwick) to host interactive seminars on all things Economics, whether it be assessments, navigating surveys, teaching methods – anything. It’s designed to be a space to chat about ideas, how-to’s, best practices and to take on questions that the #teachecon community might have. One might say we’ll be meeting just in time for a cuppa tea on London time.

Our format will include a guest feature in each session. A chair will start the hour off with an interview-style discussion with the guest before opening up to general Q&A with participants. Given the current circumstances, this series will be held online via Zoom.

Session 13 (Wednesday 27 January, 2020; 3pm-4pm GMT): Engaging Large Classes Online (feat. James Tierney (Penn State) and Michela Tincani (UCL))

Session 12 (Wednesday 16 December, 2020; 3pm-4pm GMT): Creating a Community of Learners Online – our experience with the First Year Challenge in 2020/21 (feat. Parama Chaudhury (UCL), Annika Johnson (University of Bristol), Margaret Leighton (University of St Andrews) and Dimitra Petropoulou (LSE))

Session 11 (Wednesday 2 December, 2020; 3pm-4pm GMT): Careers in Higher Education Teaching (feat. Denise Hawkes (University of Greenwich), Antonio Mele (LSE) and Darshak Patel (University of Kentucky))

Session 10 (Wednesday 7 October, 2020; 3pm-4pm BST): Enabling Student Learning Through Asynchronous Videos (feat. Ramin Nassehi (UCL) and Christian Spielmann (University of Bristol))

Session 9 (Wednesday 16 September, 2020; 3pm-5pm BST): Alternative Assessments in Economics (Economics Network Symposium Theme 4)

Session 8 (Wednesday 2 September, 2020; 3pm-4pm BST): Team-Based Learning in Economics: how to make the transition to online education (feat. Phil Ruder (Pacific University))

Session 7 (Wednesday 29th July, 2020; 2pm-3pm BST): Designing Courses for the Transition to Online Teaching (feat. Abdullah Al-Bahrani (Northern Kentucky University) and Cristina Santos (Open University))

Session 6 (Wednesday 15th July, 2020; 3pm-4pm BST): Engaging Students Through Experiments Online and in the Classroom (feat. Robert Gazzale (University of Toronto) and Humberto Llavador (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Barcelona GSE))

Session 5 (Wednesday 8th July, 2020; 3pm-4pm BST): Introducing Evaluative Conversations in Economics Education: unlocking the power of viva-voce assessment (feat. Fabio Arico, UEA)

Session 4 (Wednesday 27th May, 2020; 11am-12pm BST): Economics student group videos: assessment and beyond (feat. Silvia Dal Bianco (UCL) and Dimitra Petropoulou (LSE))

Session 3 (Wednesday 20th May, 2020; 11am-12pm BST): Improving Employability for Economics Students (feat. Cloda Jenkins (UCL) and Dean Garratt (Aston University))

Session 2 (Wednesday 13th May, 2020; 3pm-4pm BST): Widening Participation: Mind the gap between schools and universities (feat. Sam McLoughlin, globalbridge)

Session 1 (Wednesday 29th April, 2020; 3pm-4pm BST): Assessment in the Brave New World (feat. Stefania Paredes Fuentes, University of Warwick)

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