EconTEAching 2020/2021 Academic Year

See below for EconTEAching sessions that took place in the 2020/2021 Academic Year

Session 16 (Wednesday 26 May, 2021; 3pm-4pm BST): Incorporating Project-based Learning into Engineering Education (feat. John Mitchell (UCL), Fiona Truscott (UCL) and Luke Olsen (UCL))

Session 15 (Wednesday 12 May, 2021; 12pm-1pm BST): Designing Online Teaching with Student Well-Being in Mind (feat. Jo Blanden (University of Surrey), Jonathan Boymal (RMIT University) and Eric Golson (University of Surrey))

Session 14 (Wednesday 24 March, 2021; 3pm-4pm GMT): Supporting Students Through the Pandemic and Beyond (feat. Jessica Calarco (Indiana University) and Karen Kufuor (University of Westminster))

Session 13 (Wednesday 27 January, 2021; 3pm-4pm GMT): Engaging Large Classes Online (feat. James Tierney (Penn State) and Michela Tincani (UCL))

Session 12 (Wednesday 16 December, 2020; 3pm-4pm GMT): Creating a Community of Learners Online – our experience with the First Year Challenge in 2020/21 (feat. Parama Chaudhury (UCL), Annika Johnson (University of Bristol), Margaret Leighton (University of St Andrews) and Dimitra Petropoulou (LSE))

Session 11 (Wednesday 2 December, 2020; 3pm-4pm GMT): Careers in Higher Education Teaching (feat. Denise Hawkes (University of Greenwich), Antonio Mele (LSE) and Darshak Patel (University of Kentucky))

Session 10 (Wednesday 7 October, 2020; 3pm-4pm BST): Enabling Student Learning Through Asynchronous Videos (feat. Ramin Nassehi (UCL) and Christian Spielmann (University of Bristol))