First Year Challenge 2022-23 Winners Announced

The First Year Challenge (FYC) is a key part of the academic year for BSc Economics first year students at UCL. This multimedia assignment is designed to introduce incoming students to independent research and to academic collaboration, helping to acquaint them with their programme, and to form new connections with fellow students.

How does the FYC work?

Small groups of students are assigned a location and are asked to make a short video or podcast linking the location to the overall theme of the first unit of their first-year CORE-ECON text, The Economy: capitalism, growth and inequality.

The winning team for 2022-23 is TUTN S2. The team were allocated ‘10 Downing Street’ as their location, and their video focused on Margaret Thatcher’s policy of privatisation. The runner-up team is TUTL S3, who were assigned the location of ‘Westminster Abbey’. Their video presents The Abbey’s connection to its statue of James Watt, a key figure of the Industrial Revolution.

Team TUTN S2 were the winners of the First Year Challenge 2022-23

Winners FYC | TUTN S2

  • Shirley Su
  • Furukawa Tetsuo
  • Hona Zhu
  • Runxuan He
  • Keisoi Wong
  • David Sun
  • Xingyi Yu
Team TUTL S3 were the Runners Up of the First Year Challenge 2022-23

Runners Up FYC | TUTL S3

  • Xindi Yu
  • Yuanqiuzi Shan
  • Yuyan Chen
  • Huzaifah Bin Omar
  • Jiayun Liu
  • Lillian Zhou
  • Neo Xu

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