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Economics for Foreign Policy

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Since winning the contract in 2017, Prof. Parama Chaudhury has led the CTaLE team in designing and delivering Economics for Foreign Policy (EFP) for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. From CTaLE, Prof. Cloda Jenkins is Lead Tutor and webinar presenter alongside Dr. Silvia Dal Bianco and Dr. Dunli Li who are both also tutors on the course. Read more about the course in this UCL Consultants Ltd article of when the bid was first won and a more recent article on the course’s continued success.

Cloda introducing the Macroeconomic Crisis module

EFP covers the basics of micro- and macroeconomics and empirical methods used in economics, as well as field specialisms including international trade and migration, economic growth and development, financial crises, and regulation. As a blended course, material is taught through a Canvas platform with live webinars and in-person workshops (based in London, New Delhi and Washington D.C.) incorporated during each cohort’s term. These webinars and workshops are led by experts in their respective fields from CTaLE and UCL to colleagues from around the world. We have now taught nearly 200 Learners since EFP started.

parama winning award
UCL Consultant of the Year award

In 2019, Parama received the UCL Consultant of the Year award for her work on economics education consultancy, which includes the EFP project.

Fundamentals of Economics

Over the past few years, the CTaLE team has also created several bespoke economics training courses for the Cabinet Office.

The Fundamentals of Economics is a two day course on the fundamentals of micro- and macroeconomics delivered in person. It covers the basics of how markets work and what happens when they fail, and how fiscal and monetary policy work to stabilise the economy. This course is designed to help policy makers understand the implications of economic theory as well as the empirical findings of state-of-the-art research.