New Year, New Term

It’s 2019 and that means Term 2 is on its way! Following our last blog post on what we at CTaLE thought were highlights of 2018-2019 Term 1, this post covers what we are most excited for in 2018-2019 Term 2.

Dr. Cloda Jenkins is looking forward to the launch of the Economics Network-CTaLE joint project on Employability in Economics Degrees. She will be taking the lead on the project and we are all very interested to see the research it will produce. On the 1st of April 2019, the UCL Education Conference emphasizing Inclusive Education will occur and CTaLE hopes to be able to share some ideas and practices. On a broader scope, Cloda is also looking forward to increasing school outreach activities by the CTaLE team.

Upon asking Dr. Parama Chaudhury for what she is most excited for in Term 2, she replied that there was way too many to mention! Adding to Cloda’s note, Parama is also looking forward to our new roster of programmes aimed at encouraging students from underrepresented backgrounds to study economics at university, including the UCL Economics Challenge, which is based on the First Year Challenge.

Dr. Silvia Dal Bianco can’t wait to engage in the new term’s scholarly activities all aimed at better understanding curriculum development and innovation in teaching. Silvia is also looking forward to being a supervisor for the Laidlaw scholarship, a great programme aimed at enhancing student research and leadership skills. There are also some big conferences lined up! ExploreEcon 2019 will take place on the 13th of March 2019 from 2pm-8pm at UCL along with Discover Econ, which is the part of the conference dedicated to school kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It will be another busy term but we can’t wait to see all our students again next week!

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