Inaugural Lecture: “Better Together: Collaboration in Education.”

Join us as CTaLE’s Director, Prof Parama Chaudhury, and Associate Director, Prof Cloda Jenkins, deliver their joint Inaugural Lecture: “Better Together: Collaboration in Education” on 23rd March, 12:30pm London.

About the lecture

In life, we collaborate with others all the time, at home, at work and in society. At school and at university, students spend most of their time working on their own, often seeing others as ‘the competition’ rather than the potential support. In our research we explore how working with others, in the classroom and outside the classroom, online or on campus, can benefit student learning, sense of community and skill development. Collaborative learning design has its challenges and is not always appreciated by students. We explain ways to manage lecturer effort and deliver benefit for students.

About the speakers

Professor Cloda Jenkins is Associate Director (and co-founder) of UCL’s Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics (CTaLE). She is a member of the Economics Network Executive Group and the EEA Education Committee. She is interested in developing research-based education and employability skills in economics degrees. Cloda is also an expert in regulatory economics and mechanism design. She has applied this expertise to practical policy making in a range of sectors since 1997.

Professor Parama Chaudhury is Director (and co-founder) of UCL’s Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics (CTaLE). She is a member of the Royal Economic Society’s Education Committee and the Teaching and Learning Committee of the CORE Project. Her main interests lie in evaluating techniques and technologies for economics education and more broadly, using the tools of economics to understand how people learn.

Inaugural Lecture Series 2020/21

This lecture is part of the 2020/21 series for UCL’s Faculty of Arts & Humanities and Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences. The series provides an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our professors who are undertaking research and scholarship of international significance, and offers an insight into the strength and vitality of the arts, humanities and social sciences at UCL.

All our lectures are free to attend and open to all. You don’t have to be a UCL staff member or student to come along. For information on previous and upcoming lectures please visit:

Blog Post

Arshiya Sawhney & Shivam Gujral, BSc Economics students, blogged about Parama Cloda’s joint inaugural lecture. Please see:

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