Posters in Cloisters 2019: The BME Attainment Gap

Otso Hao with poster

On Wednesday, 3rd year UCL Economics students, Hannah Buttle and Otso Hao, presented their study on the BME Attainment Gap at Posters in Cloisters 2019. This event highlights the best of undergraduate research at UCL with two being selected for Posters in Parliament, an exhibition of undergraduate research at Westminster.

Otso Hao explaining his poster

We caught up with Otso who gave us a quick explanation about the significance of their study. First of all, the attainment gap between BME UCL undergraduates and White students is 6% (average). Through Hannah and Otso’s research, they found that by accounting for undergraduate students’ demographic background, faculty/department they are enrolled in, and prior attainment the gap is reduced by 2 percentage points to 4%. This means that there is still roughly 2/3 or 66% of the attainment gap that has yet to be explained. We’re very proud of Hannah and Otso’s hard work!

BME Attainment Gap poster

Dr. Parama Chaudhury of CTaLE is also the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences Lead for UCL’s BME Attainment project. More information can be found in our previous blog post – UCL BME Scholarship Announcement.

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