UCL BME Scholarship Announcement

UCL has announced a new scholarship programme called the UCL Research Opportunity Scholarship that will support future incoming BME postgraduate students. We are proud that the UCL Economics department is listed within one of the faculties (Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences) included in the new scholarship.

Within CTaLE, Dr Parama Chaudhury is the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences Lead for UCL’s BME Attainment project (for more on the faculty leads appointment follow this link). The project aims to analyse the attainment gap and experiences of students and create faculty-specific data that will then help to address the surrounding issues. The UCL Research Opportunity Scholarship is a step in the right direction.

For more information on the scholarships, please take a look at this announcement.

For more information on the BME Attainment Gap project, please take a look at our own project page.

Email us at ctale.ucl@gmail.com

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