CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2018 Winners

The CORE Project, in which Dr Parama Chaudhury is a part of, established a Schools Economics Challenge that asks schools around the world to use The Economy (the CORE textbook) and the Financial Time’s site as resources to create a 3-min video based on the theme “Ten years on from the Global Financial Crisis”. Earlier this month, CORE announced their 2018 winners of the Schools Economics Challenge. Congratulations to Ellen Gerisch and Maria Assanbaev from The European School Karlsruhe who won by using sketches and commentary to illustrate the theme. It’s both visually entertaining to watch and extremely informative! 

This year, a collaborative entry was introduced whereby two schools could join together. Congratulations to the 2018 winners – a team from The Charter School North Dulwich and Dulwich College!

We are very happy that the concept of engaging students using multimedia tools to form a connection between economic theories and the real world has been so successful. Please take a look at the full announcement on CORE’s website.

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