Asynchronous: 20-24 June 2022, 3-4pm BST//10am-11am, EDT

Live: 27 – 29 June 2022, 3-7pm BST//10am-2pm, EDT

Welcome to #TeachECONference2022, the third annual virtual conference on economics education organised by CTaLE and Cornell University!

TeachECONference2022 is a free, online conference, with live talks held over three days from June 27th and 29th and a series of asynchronous YouTube premiere sessions starting on June 20th. After the live panels and presentations, conference participants can wind down in our sponsored online Networking Mixers. Each Mixer will include short introductions and demos from our sponsors, and plenty of time to mingle, catch up with old friends, and make new friends.

Your registration entitles you access to all sessions and networking mixers.

There is no registration fee and everyone is welcome to join us.

Live Sessions

Day 1 Sessions (Monday 27 June 2022)

Plenary Session: Current Issues in Economics Teaching

3pm-4.30pm BST//10am-11.30am EDT

Session 1: Increasing Diversity in Economics

4:30pm-6pm BST//11.30am-1pm EDT

Networking Mixer Sponsored by Ed Discussion

6-7pm BST // 1-2pm EDT

Day 2 Sessions (Tuesday 28 June 2022)

Session 2: Active Learning – In-person and Online

3pm-4.30pm BST//10am-11.30am EDT

Session 3: New Ideas in Assessment and Feedback

4:30pm-6pm BST//11.30am-1pm EDT

Networking Mixer Sponsored by the Royal Economic Society

6-7pm BST // 1-2pm EDT

Day 3 Sessions (Wednesday 29 June 2022)

Session 4: Incorporating Real-World Data and Experiences into Our Courses

3pm-4.30pm BST//10am-11.30am EDT

Panel: Why and How to Teach Students to Tell Economics Stories with Data

4:30pm-6pm BST//11.30am-1pm EDT

Networking Mixer Sponsored by Stata

6-7pm BST // 1-2pm EDT

Asynchronous Sessions

The TeachECONference2022 asynchronous sessions features video presentations from innovators in the field of economics education. These presentations have been carefully organised into themes and we welcome everyone to join the discussion.

This year’s asynchronous sessions will premier via YouTube from Monday 20 to Friday 24 June 2022, 3pm BST/10am EDT.

Track 1: What are Students Learning?

Premiere: Monday 20 June 2022

Track 2: Teaching Students from Diverse Backgrounds

Premiere: Tuesday 21 June 2022

Track 3: Lessons from Covid

Premiere: Wednesday 22 June 2022

Track 4: Using Multimedia and Technology to Improve Teaching

Premiere: Thursday 23 June 2022

Track 5: Experiential Learning

Premiere: Friday 24 June 2022

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