Widening Participation: Mind the gap between schools and universities

(Wednesday 13th May, 2020; 3-4pm BST)

Please see Session 2’s review alongside the YouTube livestream:

Sam McLoughlin (globalbridge)

Dr. Stefania Paredes Fuentes

Chaired by:
Dr. Stefania Paredes Fuentes
(University of Warwick)

Sam works at an EdTech company Global Bridge looking to give young people (aged 11-18) a level playing field to demonstrate their skills and talent. Since graduating in Economics from University of Newcastle in 2007, Sam has worked in education as Teacher, Careers Leader and other roles in Premier League football clubs and stat secondary schools. Sam also worked on an Enterprise education pilot project in Uganda which won an Enterprising Britain Award and has now been rolled out across a number of African and Asian countries. Sam has been interested in working and improving the quality of education of UK children in deprived areas. He was part of a senior leadership team  that founded “ Studio West” using the Studio School Model in a highly deprived ward in the North East. Sam is also school governor and Director at two community/education organisations Linskill Centre and Green Shift Education).

Sam’s focus has always been on young people becoming the best version of themselves, and he will share his experience with us. We hope this helps us to inform our policies on widening participation.

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