UCL Sustainability and Higher Education Initiative: supporting colleagues involved in teaching

Wednesday 26 April, 3-4pm (London, BST)

Chair: Silvia dal Bianco (UCL, and CTaLE)


Lorenzo Lotti (UCL, and Director SHEI)

Dr Lorenzo Lotti is an Associate Professor (Teaching) working at UCL Bartlett School of Energy, Environment and Resources. He is Programme Leader for the MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and Environment, Deputy Director of Education, and Senior Fellow of the HEA. He recently founded the BSEER Sustainability and Higher Education Initiative, and combines his passion for teaching with research in Behavioural Environmental Economics.

Nikolaos Chrysanthopoulos (UCL, and SHEI)

Nikolaos is a Lecturer (Teaching) in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment at UCL Bartlett School of Energy, Environment and Resources, and a founding member of SHEI. Given his focus on postgraduate education, which considers a means of shaping and developing academic and professional knowledge, he has a keen interest in integrating sustainability into the curriculum. Prior to his current post, Nikolaos has been a Research Associate at Imperial College London and a Visiting Lecturer at City, University of London. His research interests lie in the area of game-theoretical approaches for supporting decision-making and market design for energy and power systems. He is a member of IAEE, IEEE and IET.

About SHEI

The Sustainability & Higher Education Initiative (SHEI) is based at The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER). SHEI’s vision is to advance sustainability in Higher Education by focusing on how educators implement and evaluate it into teaching and learning, and research


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