CTaLE Podcast 1: Interview with Sam Asher, winner of ExploreEcon 2019

Ramin and Sam podcast setup

Dr. Ramin Nassehi, our innovative CTaLE member (one of many actually) who is also the founder of EconWalks and EconFrame, has started up a podcast series. The first episode is with Sam Asher about his path to conducting research and eventually becoming a winner of ExploreEcon 2019.

Ramin believes that the novelty of the podcast is it turns the spotlight on the learner and treats them as a serious researcher. Pedagogically, the podcast aims to enhance “meta-cognition” among students, which means reflecting on your own method of learning economics and doing research. The idea is that by listening to Sam, other students would think about best practices and, more importantly, reflect on their own approach of learning economics and conducting research.

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