Economics Challenge 2019 Winner!

Following the first Economics Challenge session, the participating secondary schools returned on March 4th for further insight into what it’s like to study economics, especially at UCL, alongside an award ceremony for the Challenge.

The event began with students receiving participatory certificates for all their hard work in creating multi-media presentations.

Aman Sharma presenting to students

Aman Sharma, a 3rd year UCL Economics student, then gave an animated talk on the opportunities that UCL provided for him whether it be leadership and friendship through a range of societies to its network possibilities due to its central location within London.

Ali Merali presenting to students

Ali Merali, a 4th year UCL Economics student, also expanded on his own experience at UCL having taken full advantage of the study abroad schemes offered (so jealous of him going to both Chicago and China!).

UCL Economics Society presenting to students

To wrap up the student perspective on UCL, EconSoc (represented by our UCL student mentors Soumya Khurana and Katy Brown) explained their role within the department and the support and opportunities they provide to undergraduate economics students.

Gillian Wyness presenting to students

Gillian Wyness, Senior Lecturer in Economics of Education at the UCL Institute of Education, spoke about the data in which studies show richer students are more likely to attend university than poorer students. However, when breaking down the data amongst students attaining a higher number of GCSE’s, there is no difference in terms of performance between richer and poorer.

Camila Cea presenting to students

Camila Cea, Teaching Assistant at UCL Economics Department and CORE trustee, explained her path to economics and academia – from Chile to London.

Imran Rasul presenting to students

Imran Rasul, UCL Economics Professor, went in-depth about Development Economics and the different roles that economics can take in impacting people’s lives.

Now on to the results –
Winner: St Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls

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