Supporting students from diverse backgrounds applying to grad school

Wednesday 23 November 2022, 3-4pm (London)

Chair: Ramin Nassehi (UCL and CTaLE Member)

Dina Pomeranz (University of Zurich, and GAIN)

Dina Pomeranz is an Assistant Professor of economics at the University of Zurich. Her research focuses on public policies in developing countries, in particular in the areas of taxation, public procurement, firm development and the environment. She is co-founder of the Graduate Applications International Network (GAIN) that supports African students in applying for graduate school in economics.

Carl Gergs (UCL, and CReAM)

Carl is a PhD student at the UCL Department of Economics, and a Research Officer at the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM). His research focuses on inequality, social mobility and the role of public policy. He is one of the Applicant Mentoring Programme (AMP) coordinators at UCL.

Gaia Dossi (LSE, and Centre for Economic Performance)

Gaia is a PhD student in the LSE Department of Economics doing research on Labour Economics and Innovation. She is affiliated with the Centre of Economic Performance (CEP), and a coordinator for the AMP at LSE.

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