Student Experience and Student Satisfaction

CTaLE projects related to Student Experience and Student Satisfaction. If interested, please get in touch with the respective academics of each project.

Literature Review on the Determinants of Student Satisfaction in the UK Higher Education

In this project, we conducted the literature review to answer the following questions:

1) What is the relationship between university characteristics and student satisfaction?
2) What is the relationship between student characteristics and student satisfaction?
3) Is there any impact on National Student Survey (NSS) scores of the university tuition fees increase in England in 2012?
4) How do the NSS response rates affect the NSS scores?

This project was funded by Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme.

Understanding and Enhancing Undergraduate Student Satisfaction in Economics at UCL

In this project (with Aureo de Paula and Cloda Jenkins), we conducted two lines of research:

1) Quantitative analysis where we collected UCL economics and comparable SHS data on student satisfaction surveys to identify the contributing factors of student satisfaction.
2) Focus group study where we recruited small groups of students with different characteristics to discuss student satisfaction issues and identify different needs by different cohorts.

This project was funded by UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences Dean’s Strategic Fund.