Skills Lab

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The Skills Lab is a set of not-for-credit optional modules, one for each year group. They aim to help students develop research, writing and presenting skills that are required to do well in the degree and for a career as a professional economist, in academia or elsewhere. The online Moodle site for the course is currently open to over 800 undergraduates.

Skills Lab is made up of three modules:

  • Skills for research-led Learning in Economics for First Year students
  • Economics Skills Lab for Second Year students
  • Advanced Economics Skills Lab for Final Year students

Each session of the Skills Lab is a 2 hour in-person workshop preceded by online pre-tasks. Within the modules, a broad range of skill areas are covered: research, data analysis, economic writing, mathematical modelling and presentations. It is highly recommended for students who participate in ExploreEcon and UG Thesis to take part in Skills Lab.

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