Networking Mixer sponsored by MobLab

Day 3, Wednesday 30 June 2021
5-6pm BST // 12-1pm EDT

After each conference day, a Networking Mixer will be held on Zoom Meeting to provide a space for attendees to meet and discuss the presentations shared.

For this Networking Mixer sponsored by MobLab, we are excited to have Nathanael Berger, Director of Customer Success, MobLab, run the first part of the session with the Competitive Market Game and announce the Ultimatum Game winner of a $50 Amazon gift card (for details on how to win, see ‘Before the Mixer’ section below).

Afterwards, attendees will be able to ask Nathanael questions, and go into breakout rooms to catch up with one another. Networking Mixers will not be recorded.

What is MobLab?

MobLab is an education technology company that helps instructors engage students through interactive economics experiments, survey-based games, and polling technology for in-person and online classes.

Before the Mixer:

Participate in MobLab’s global Ultimatum Game Contest! Email Nathanael Berger (at to obtain login credentials for the game. The video below will provide game directions. You will be able to take part in the contest until 5 minutes prior to the Mixer. The winner will be announced during the Mixer and rewarded a $50 Amazon gift card. Have fun!

Can’t make it to the mixer?

Visit MobLab’s website to learn more. You can also sign up for an instructor account here. If you would like to set up a demo call at another time, email to schedule a meeting.

Use #TeachECONference2021 on social media!