Networking Mixer sponsored by Ed Discussion

Day 2, Tuesday 29 June 2021
5-6pm BST // 12-1pm EDT

Upon registering for the session, you will receive a Zoom link. Each session has its own link. Please make sure to attend and register with the same email.

After each conference day, a Networking Mixer will be held on Zoom Meeting to provide a space for attendees to meet and discuss the presentations shared.

For this Networking Mixer sponsored by Ed Discussion, we are looking forward to having Scott Maxwell, Director Digital Innovation at Ed, provide an introductory talk. Attendees will then be able to ask Scott questions, and go into breakout rooms to catch up with one another. Networking Mixers will not be recorded.

What is Ed Discussion?

Ed Discussion helps instructors scale Economics course communication and Q&A with a beautiful and intuitive interface. Questions reach and benefit the whole class. Students and staff can better express ideas and post math, runnable code, image annotations and beyond. Less emails, more time saved. We’ll show you how Ed Discussion works today!

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