Networking Mixer sponsored by CORE-Econ

Day 3, Friday 30 June 2023

6-7pm BST // 1-2pm EDT

CORE Econ is a not-for-profit whose aim is to transform the way economics is taught around the world, through freely available, high-quality educational materials.

Economics has a reputation for being an abstract subject that isn’t engaged with the real world. Our mission is to change that, with relevant teaching materials based on addressing society’s most pressing problems like inequality, climate change, financial instability, the future of work and innovation.

Designed by an international network of top research economists and educators, our free online textbooks and resources put students at the centre of the pedagogy, drawing on the things they most care about and want to understand.

CORE Econ is used in over 400 universities and colleges worldwide. It’s part of the curriculum in some of the highest-rated economics departments such as UCL, the University of Oxford, Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, Sciences Po, Humboldt University of Berlin and the University of Cape Town.

Our learner-friendly digital materials bring the discipline to life, with contributions from top economists such as Esther Duflo, James Heckman, Alvin Roth and many others.

Discover CORE Econ’s free ebooks on our website.

The Economy is quite simply the best economics textbook on the market. Unlike most others, CORE Econ teaches both the tools of the discipline and the way real economies work, making it useful and fun at the same time”. Dani Rodrik, Harvard University