How to publish in (Economics) Education: Ask the Editors

Wednesday 29 March, 3-4pm (London, BST)

Chair: Stefania Parades Fuentes (University of Warwick, and CTaLE Associate)


KimMarie McGoldrick (University of Richmond)

KimMarie McGoldrick has been active in faculty development programs, focusing on mentoring and economic education. In 2003 she was the co-recipient of an NSF ADVANCE Leadership Award: CeMENT: Workshops for Female Untenured Faculty in Economics (SBE-0317755). KimMarie’s focus in economic education has led to the (co-) development of a number of workshops including Service Learning in Economics, five Annual Teaching Workshops held in Wilmington NC, and she served as a lead instructor in the NSF funded Teaching Innovations Program (TIP). Her pedagogical research has led to a number of publications documenting the efficacy of pedagogical practices within the discipline (such as cooperative learning) and describing the use of nontraditional teaching techniques (such as service-learning). KimMarie has over 40 articles, 19 book chapters and 4 edited volumes in the field of economic education.  She co-edited The International Handbook on Teaching and Learning Economics (Elgar Press, 2012), a volume assembling a group of (over 100) economic educators to offer advice (in over 75 chapters) on best practices in terms of teaching, pedagogic research, and specific course content.  She currently serves as the Chair of the American Economic Association’s Committee on Economic Education and as Co-Editor of the Journal of Economic Education.

Steven Proud (University of Bristol)

Steven’s research considers the economics of education. His main areas of interest include the effect of a child’s peer group on their academic outcomes and the stability of school quality measures in school league tables. He is part of the Executive Group of the Economics Network, and is an editor for the International Review of Economics Education.

Malcolm Tight (Lancaster University)

Malcolm Tight has worked at Lancaster University for around 20 years, having previously worked at Warwick University, Birkbeck College and the Open University. He is Editor of the journal Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education and of the book series International Perspectives on Higher Education Research, and Co-Editor of another book series Theory and Method in Higher Education Research. His research interests are in the state of higher education research worldwide and in the historical development of higher education.


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