Christian Spielmann

spielmann13Dr. Christian Spielmann
Senior Teaching Fellow in Economics
CTaLE Director
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Christian is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Economics Department at UCL and one of the CTaLE directors. He has been educated at the University of Hamburg (Germany), St. Andrews (Scotland), UCL (UK) and Birkbeck College (UK). In his research, Christian is interested in questions about public policy (mainly education and inequality), globalisation (mainly migration and trade), and the environment. Teaching takes an integral part in Christian’s work. He is interested in trialling and producing new teaching materials as well as adopting and researching novel teaching technologies. He is currently part of the teaching and learning committee for CORE ECONOMICS, consults publishers about teaching strategies and materials and as associate of the Economics Network trains teaching assistants and university lecturers all over the UK and abroad. Christian has been lecturing on the public sector, the environment, globalisation and macroeconomic issues.

In both research and teaching, Christian enjoys collaborations across disciplines and he is currently Senior Pathway Coordinator at UCL Liberal Arts and Science BASc programme.

Project leads: First Year Challenge, ExploreEcon2017, Economics Network Cooperation