Who We Are


CTaLE, University College London’s Centre for Teaching and Learning in Economics, is dedicated to researching, implementing and evaluating active teaching and learning strategies in economics which help our students to become well-trained economists for the challenges of the 21st century.

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Dr. Parama Chaudhury, CTaLE Director and Co-founder. Principal Teaching Fellow, UCL Economics.
Dr. Cloda Jenkins, CTaLE Co-founder. Principal Teaching Fellow and BSc Director, UCL Economics.
Dr. Frank Witte, CTaLE Co-founder. Departmental Tutor, UCL Economics.
Dr. Dunli Li, Teaching Fellow, UCL Economics
Dr. Ramin Nassehi, Teaching Fellow, UCL Economics
Dr. Silvia Dal Bianco, Teaching Fellow, UCL Economics
Viv Crockford (Teaching Support)
Nirusha Vigi (Events and Marketing)
Madeleine Adamson (Programme Administrator)

For general enquiries, please contact us at ctale.ucl@gmail.com.