Meet the members of CTaLE

In the next few weeks we’ll be publishing a series of posts for everyone to get to know the members of CTaLE. These quick Q&A posts will feature insights on the projects the academics are working on as well as quirky economics jokes they find amusing (groan). Stay tuned! Questions?Email us at

Introducing the Economics Challenge 2019!

Five secondary schools around London were selected to take part in the new Economics Challenge modelled around the First Year Challenge. On February 11th, each school sent students from year 10 and year 11 to experience what it would be like to study economics in a university environment. Professor Antonio Cabrales, UCL Economics Head of … More Introducing the Economics Challenge 2019!

Posters in Cloisters 2019: The BME Attainment Gap

On Wednesday, 3rd year UCL Economics students, Hannah Buttle and Otso Hao, presented their study on the BME Attainment Gap at Posters in Cloisters 2019. This event highlights the best of undergraduate research at UCL with two being selected for Posters in Parliament, an exhibition of undergraduate research at Westminster. We caught up with Otso … More Posters in Cloisters 2019: The BME Attainment Gap

Women in Economics

A few weeks ago, I sat down with CTaLE’s Dr. Ramin Nassehi to talk about his Economics Walk around UCL’s Bloomsbury campus. After making notes for his featured blog post (found here), he mentioned how ironic it was that though UCL’s Department of Political Economy was ground-breaking in that it hosted the first coeducational class … More Women in Economics

New Year, New Term

It’s 2019 and that means Term 2 is on its way! Following our last blog post on what we at CTaLE thought were highlights of 2018-2019 Term 1, this post covers what we are most excited for in 2018-2019 Term 2. Dr. Cloda Jenkins is looking forward to the launch of the Economics Network-CTaLE joint … More New Year, New Term

Innovative Way of Teaching History of Economics: Ricardo, Darwin, Keynes, Wolf, Orwell

Since joining UCL and CTaLE, Dr. Ramin Nassehi has initiated a bespoke “Economics Walk” around Bloomsbury, London. With the UCL Economics department being the oldest in England, this walk incorporates the history of key economic figures who spent time in the area and how they are linked to present day events. It is an innovative … More Innovative Way of Teaching History of Economics: Ricardo, Darwin, Keynes, Wolf, Orwell