Q&A with Frank Witte

What is your role and what does it involve? I am doing a bit of everything in many ways. As Departmental Tutor I am responsible for the pastoral care and personal tutoring system. One aspect of that is to figure out how with limited resources we can provide a personal tutoring system that encourages students … More Q&A with Frank Witte

Nobel Laureate Seminar: Edward Prescott

On 19 March, the UCL Economist’s Society hosted Professor Edward Prescott (Arizona State University and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis), the 2004 recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize. I sat down with Dr. Ramin Nassehi to discuss Professor Prescott’s seminar on “RBC Methodology: And Its Successful Use”. Dr. Nassehi explained that Professor Prescott revolutionised macroeconomics. … More Nobel Laureate Seminar: Edward Prescott